Information about previous LTTL Conferences

Here is a link to some Further Reading suggested by the speakers

Here are MP3 files of the day's six sessions (2011)

On Windows:

To save an MP3 to your hard drive, right-click on its link, and choose "Save Target As...". Please note that each MP3 is 50Mb - 60Mb in size. Depending on your broadband speed, you might expect to download all six in about 5 minutes.

To stream an MP3 into your PC's default media player software, left-click on its link. Total running time of all six sessions is about 6 hours.

Thanks to Ben Jarlett for helping with these recordings.

Also - not a sound file - but here is a summary that Harriet Pattison sent of the session she did with Alan Thomas Learning to Read the Autonomous Way


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