Conference Details





When is the conference?

Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July 2013

Registration 9.00am

Talks start at 9.30am

Lunch break at 12.30pm

Talks end at 5.00pm

Informal chat session ends 6.00pm

Where is it?

Ashford Surrey TW15. Click here for details.

Who is it for?

The conference is intended for parents to come and listen to some talks as well as chat to the speakers and to each other - and so this is our main focus. We are not organising activities for any children who come along so it would probably be more fun for the children to go off exploring with whomever is looking after them. 

However, we do understand that some people may need to bring children and may want them to be in the same place.

Older children (who can listen and not disrupt the speakers) are welcome to attend the conference. A "Young Person / Child" ticket is available for them at a reduced rate. Quiet, happy babies are also welcome to be in the room, particularly if you need to be breastfeeding them, and there is no charge for babies. If your child or baby is making a noise though, please be considerate of other conference guests and take him or her out of the room.

How much does it cost? 

“Full Conference Ticket”

If you only want to attend one day it is £18.50 for the day (£9.50 for a young person / child).

If you want to attend both days it is £32 for the two days (£16.00 for a young person / child).

“No Talks Ticket”

As described above we would recommend that you don’t bring anyone who isn’t coming to hear the speakers as we are not organising activities other than the talks. However if you do want to do this there is a charge of £6.00 per day (child or adult) to be at the event but not attend any of the talks. If you have two adults and you want to switch (take it in turns to be with the children/listen to the speakers) you can buy one full ticket and one no-talks ticket and share them between you.  

Tea, coffee and lunchtime sandwiches will be provided (see below).

Who is organising it? 

My name is Julie Daniel and my husband, James, and I are organising the conference. We have a seven year old home educated son, Adam, who has never been to school. We ran conferences of this kind in 2011 and 2012 and everyone asked if we would do another one this year... so this is it.

How is the conference being funded?

None of the speakers is charging us a fee to deliver a talk. They are all giving their time at zero cost so that parents attending the conference can benefit from their knowledge and experience. We are simply reimbursing their out of pocket expenses. Thank you very much to all of them. 

The cost of your conference ticket is simply to go towards the cost of the venue hire and to contribute to the speakers’ out of pocket expenses. Ticket costs have been set at a level so that the event will not make a profit. Our company (Personal Best Ltd.) is financing the refreshments and will also make up any shortfall in the expense of running the conference. 

Tea and coffee will be provided during the day, as will sandwiches at lunch time. These are not included in the cost of your ticket – this is our gift to the home educators who attend. (That way if you don’t like sandwiches and prefer to bring your own food or buy something from one of the nearby food shops you aren’t missing out because you weren’t being charged for it anyway!)


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