What people said...
A few comments from the previous conferences

"As fantastic and inspiring as I had hoped"

"Not long enough. I wanted to hear more and wished it could have gone on longer"

"Speakers were informative and inspiring and I felt validated in my decisions about home education."

“Enlightening to hear views on unschooling without having to google and read the computer screen! I gained valuable insights from the speakers and the group.”

“Inspirational and reassuring! It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to hear these people so close to home.”

“The conference more than met my expectations. It inspired me, gave me confidence in what we are doing and opened my mind. I really liked the session on 'Reading' and would like to know more.”

“Great conference, really well run. All I can say is Thanks!”

“You can’t imagine the positive impact on our family from the multitude of ideas to take home.”

“I gained new insights and confidence in my unschooling path. I would have loved the chance to network more.”

“Fantastic! Very exciting to be in such a buzzy atmosphere. A great opportunity to get inspired, validated and challenged.”

“Awesome to hear these speakers in real life!”

“I expected and wanted our home-schooled life to be validated and to be in the company of like-minded people. My expectations were exceeded. I feel invigorated and immensely proud of my wife and son.”

“This has been a fantastic day. I was so impressed with how efficiently the conference was run and the speakers were amazing.”

“Inspiring, fulfilling, interesting and challenging – perfect!”

“Such a rich and positive day.”

“Oh my gosh! It was fabulous. The speakers were so good. Do it again please!!”

“A wonderful day full of interesting information and people. Very reassuring. I am so glad we made the decision to home educate.”

“I hope this is the first of many. Interesting topics and excellent speakers.”

“Inspiring, helpful, interesting. I feel more informed and less ”alone” in my unschooling journey.”

“I liked the way each speaker covered different aspects of unschooling and there was a good balance between theory and experience.”  

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