Welcome to LTTL (Learning Trust - Trusting Learning) 2013

This conference is designed for parents who are following (or interested in exploring) an autonomous approach to educating their children - sometimes called unschooling, particularly in the US. This is an approach where there is no set curriculum, where children are helped and encouraged to explore their interests, and where learning is a natural result of living a rich and happy life. Some families extend these principles beyond the academic arena and allow their children more choice in all aspects of their life. This conference will explore this whole life approach to autonomous learning / unschooling.

We ran a similar conference in 2011 at Dragon Hall in London and one in 2012 in Ashford Surrey. The Surrey location proved to be easier for more people to get to. Driving access is easy as it is situated close to the M3, M4 and M25 and the venue is scross the road from a train station. So we are going with the same venue for 2013.

The conference will be held over two days on Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th 2013.


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